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Birthdate:Mar 17, 1991
Curtis had his life all planned out.

At the age of 19, he'd graduated from high school at or near the top of all of his classes. He'd been a near-straight-A student, held down a part-time job, and was all set to go to college to earn a degree in ... well, he hadn't decided on what, yet. So many possibilities, after all.

In short, a stark contrast to his friend Oliver, whom he saw as something of a well-meaning but deluded idiot, and, once Curtis started college, he'd let their friendship dissolve away until Oliver was no more than an irritating memory.

That's all he wanted: a good life, a good education, a good job, a nice girl, a family life.

Normal stuff.

But it didn't end up that way.

What he thought was an innocent trip out into the woods surrounding the Adriondack Park in search of what Oliver insisted was a government cover-up regarding illegal experiments on animals turned into the stuff of Hollywood movies and childhood nightmares.

Oliver was right about one thing: there was something out there in the woods. It's just that neither of them expected that something to be werewolves.

At first, Curtis assumed that the injuries they'd sustained that night out in the woods was the result of a bear attack.

Until Oliver began to act very oddly that one night, when Curtis barely had time to lock Oliver away, but not before Oliver had managed to deliver a couple good bites to Curtis' left arm.

Now the only thing Curtis cares about is just trying to survive. Just trying to get the word out that werewolves are real. Just trying to get out of Elkhorn.

Just trying to keep himself from becoming a monster.

Character info.

Age: 19 [it's 2010 for him]
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165lbs
Hair colour: Dark brown; nearly black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing marks: Scratches and bite marks [the latter on his lower arm] that are scarred-over
Interests: Kind of lost touch with all his old interests; surviving and resisting the wolf are pretty much it these days
Born: Albany, NY, USA
Lives: Elkhorn, NY
Siblings: Twin older brothers
Other relatives: Two aunts and two uncles on his mother's side; father is an only child. Grandfather on his mother's side [grandmother died of cancer when he was 9]; both grandparents on his father's side; ten cousins on his mother's side; two cousins on his father's side.

Werewolf stats.

Height: 7'1"
Weight: 370lbs
Fur colour: grizzled black
Eyes: yellow
Build: bipedal, sort of like a crinos werewolf, though more wolflike than average.
Sect: Farheimnis
Pack: none
Rank: omega

[Inspired in large part by DeviantArt's Moontouched art challenge group, though not officially connected with the game.

Oliver Sterling, Curtis Rutherford, and any other characters not in Moontouched are the intellectual property of J. M. Waugh, and are not meant to represent anyone real or fictional; alive or dead or transformed.

Any profit from this is also not intended, but would be nice.]
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